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TECU Professional Ministry Certification Courses (PMC)

Holy Spirit led certification tracks designed to move you at His pace with exciting topical writing that will open the eyes and the heart to Christianity, Faith, Practice, and Your Calling to serve the Kingdom as it is intended.

Trinity Evangelical Christian University’s Professional Ministry Certification Courses are designed with the active Christian, seeking their place in their calling in mind.

Our “experts” from both academia and the ministry / mission field have come together to create these exciting certification programs combining the very best in texts, both contemporary, modern and classic, foundational, that are available most anywhere, with the tried and true method of old – that immerses the student in the content with a purpose that encourages explorationinterpretationcritical analysis, and life application to very real needs, and issues for today’s church, ministries, ministers, missions, missionaries, and even the lay workers of the Kingdom. 

All this is accomplished through the leading of the Holy Spirit and the Author’s intent for the text. There are no scheduled dates or times. After you have been accepted and enrolled, you simply purchase the books and begin by moving through the assigned texts one after the other, writing about what you are exposed to, each building upon the last. We are confident that you will find most of it exciting, thought provoking, worthy, and foundational. At the completion of your study program you will have amassed a writing project that covers each text in it’s entirety that includes, the concepts of the text, your interpretation, and an evaluation for both your personal life and ministry application.

But, even as a “self study” program, TECU does not leave you on your own…

TECU has methods designed to keep you in touch and engaged. While studying, you are encouraged to post questions, comments, share your interpretations, and seek help or confirmation through TECU’s Facebook page, UNTCI’s Facebook page, or use the Student Forum Blog

Requirements, Procedures, and Completion

  • There are no prerequisite studies for our PMC courses

  • The completion of 2 PMC courses within the TECU curriculum can earn a Bachelor Degree under the permission and direction of the Provost with prior notification of intent.

  • Compare the courses offered to what you are interested in or ready to move into.

  • Print off the PMC Course Curriculum (Book List)

  • After the student enrolls and declares the certification course to study, the student will purchase the required books for the course through any source, new or used. If, for any reason a book is not available, the office of the Provost is to be notified. A substitute book may be authorized.
    • It is highly recommended that the books be purchased or made accessible all together as one may lead to or reference another during the study.

  • The student will read each book taking/making note as necessary.

  • The student at the end of each chapter will write a summary of that chapter. Summaries are to be 3 to 5 pages each.

  • At the Conclusion of each book, the student will write a conclusion paper outlining the main idea(s) of the text and 5 major points from the text that the student can use or implement within an existing, or future planned ministry.

  • The student will then prepare a single “submission for certification” .pdf document organized so:
    • Title Page Containing The Student Name, The Date, The Name of the Certification Course (ensure the Student Name is as you wish it to read on the certificate)
    • Each Book Studied organized as it’s own Chapter that contains each chapter summary then the Conclusion Paper
    • Organize all “Chapters” together into one PDF
    • The File Name for the “Submission for Certification” document shall be formatted as follows:
      • LastName_Initial_PMC_Name of Course_Date.pdf

  • Fifer_C_PMC_Professional Women’s Minister_0601209.pdf

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