Trinity Evangelical Christian University & Seminary

Expectations as a Student at TECU and Seminary

  • TECU Students are members of the UNTCI Ministry Association… As a private Seminary of the United New Testament Church, Int. TECU is established to provide for the education needs of the Church, it’s Ministries, Missions, Affiliates, and all those within.
  • TECU Students must maintain UNTCI membership “In Good Standing” during their time of study (enrollment to completion)… in the case an enrolling student is not a current member of UNTCI, application for membership or renewal will be made as part of the enrollment process. It is then the Student’s responsibility to maintain the membership.
  • Upon Enrollment the Student will receive confirmation that their application for study has been received. At that time, the student may be requested to show proof of prerequisite work by diploma or degree and curriculum vitae.
  • Upon Acceptance the Student will receive an Official Acceptance letter assigning them a student identification number and further direction based on the course of study they are accepted into.
    • A TECU Student ID Card is available upon request…
  • TECU Students accepted and assigned an Oxford Method Degree Study Track are considered to be “Candidates” for that degree while they are studying.
  • Upon Completion of studies, the Candidate will make his/her submission as directed and in the manner established by the school for review and grade.
  • Upon Receipt of the Candidate’s Submission the Candidate will be notified that the submission was received and whether or not it is accepted (according to school requirements, meets the minimum)
  • TECU Faculty assigned to Candidate Submissions will have up to 14 days to review, confer, request clarification (if required), and make a recommendation of conference. The Candidate will be notified of their recommendation.
  • Upon the Recommendation of the Board of Academic Review to confer the degree, the Provost (or directed) will complete and award the following within 7 days:
    • The Degree Diploma (suitable for display)
    • A Validation Certificate attesting to the award (suitable for display)
    • Transcripts (sealed)
      • initially provided as .pdf documents via email
      • followed by originals via USPS Priority Mail
  • Graduates are invited to Commence with all the honor, pomp, and circumstance due. Graduates having earned a degree are invited to participate in full Graduate Regalia, to be recognized and to receive their diploma publicly at the UNTCI / TECU World Conference held regularly. A photo receiving your diploma will be provided and professional portraits will be available.
  • Graduates may opt to have their degree presented to them at home, church, or another local celebration of their choosing. Graduates having earned their degree while maintaining their UNTCI Fellowship in good standing can request to have their degree presented to them personally by the TECU Provost, or a TECU Ambassador of the Provost’s choosing. To schedule a degree presentation, we require at least three months notice.
    • Email us at to get it started.
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