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Rev.Dr. Richard Blue, Jr.

Dean of Online Programs and Curriculum , Senior Professor of Ministry and History

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Rev. Dr. Richard Lee Blue Jr. is an exceptional university faculty member, offering students a unique opportunity to learn from a dedicated and accomplished minister with a profound commitment to both faith and education. With a wealth of educational achievements, including a Doctor of Theology, a Doctor of Ministry in Apologetics and Evangelism, a Master of Divinity, and Bachelor's degrees in Christian Ministry, Dr. Blue brings a depth of theological knowledge and practical experience to the classroom. His extensive background in ministry, education, and relationship management, combined with his remarkable ability to align objectives and inspire, provides students with invaluable insights into the practical application of theological principles and leadership skills. Dr. Blue's compassionate and empathetic approach, rooted in diverse theological perspectives, fosters an environment where complex concepts become accessible, making him a guiding light for those seeking a deeper understanding of faith and ministry within the context of today's challenges and opportunities.

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